Meet the Team - Our Board Game Bios


Nick Northcutt - Host

Twitter handle: @cardboardrealit

Nick is an IT guy by trade and a board gamer by heart.  However, board gaming isn't his only passion.  He enjoys collecting vinyl and attending concerts with his delightful wife, Amanda.  He will never miss a My Morning Jacket or Wilco show when they tour nearby.  Along with music, Nick also enjoys reading, Game of Thrones, his cat, and pad thai.

Nick is responsible for Cardboard Reality's social media presence, website, and episode content.  So if you think the podcast is lacking in one of these departments, make sure to let him know!

Nick's favorite styles of board games include heavy Euros, 18xx, deduction games, and abstracts.  But he is always willing to try something new.  Nick is a mechanics first, theme second kind of guy.  He dislikes the "take that" mechanic, high randomness, and excessive deck building.  Some of his favorite games include:

  • Alchemists

  • 18xx

  • Hannibal & Hamilcar

  • Tak

  • Pax Renaissance

  • Gaia Project


Joel Moser - Host

Joel is a software engineer by day and beer aficionado by nigh--well all the time.  Don't get me wrong, all of us enjoy drinking great craft beer, but Joel appreciates it on a higher level.  He loves the brewing process and everything that goes into it.  He's the one host that might actually prefer his beer to board games!

Joel is responsible for the audio editing for the podcast.  So if it sounds great (or like crap) feel free to let him know.  Joking aside, the rest of us appreciate the hard work he puts into maintaining (and improving on) our audio quality.

Joel's favorite styles of board games include deck building, heavy Euros, and deduction but he is usually down to try anything new as long as it is not Arkham Horror the Board Game or anything similar in vein.  He is competitive in nature and is always looking to pull out the win.  Speaking of winning, Joel almost always wins when playing deck builders.  Some of his favorite titles/genres include:

  • Alchemists

  • Splotters (Indonesia, Food Chain Magnate, The Great Zimbabwe, etc.)

  • Letters from Whitechapel/Whitehall Mystery

  • Arkwright

  • Thunderstone

  • 18xx


Scott Alberding - Host

Scott is another IT guy (seeing a trend?).  He is a man of few words, just in case you haven't noticed on the podcast.  Aside from board gaming, his interests include anime, reading (Stephen King is his jam), and grand strategy 4X PC games.  His passion for grand strategy games bleeds over into his board gaming.

The perfect board game for Scott consists of two primary ingredients: dudes and maps.  In fact, Scott is so infatuated with playing board games with maps that he has (jokingly?) said that he will actively avoid playing a board game that lacks this clearly superior feature.  He also really enjoys highly thematic games, cooperative games, team games, card games, and obviously 4X games.  Some of his favorites include:

  • Root

  • Pax Renaissance

  • Twilight Struggle

  • Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn

  • Rising Sun


Dylan St. Clair - Host

Twitter handle: @Saint_56

Dylan is the newest hobby gamer in our group and the rookie on the podcast.  However, don't be fooled by his state of "newness" to the scene.  This guy knows his board games inside and out and is a natural behind the mic, which can surely be attributed to his time spent hosting his own YouTube channel called Buds a Plenty (where he chats with friends about their interests including some board game content).  Along with running his own show, Dylan also competes and commentates for Super Smash Bro tourneys.

Dylan is the energy of the hosts.  In any given episode, you will hear him shouting random catchphrases, drooling over the latest board gaming hottness, or trash talking at a moment's notice.

Dylan's passion for the hobby is bordering on obsession, and it began a little over a year ago when he first played 7 Wonders Duel and Patchwork with his lovely fiancee, Marianne.  Since he is brand-spanking new to the hobby, his taste in games is constantly developing and evolving.  Currently he finds himself enjoying a wide variety of games including small card games, dexterity games, trick taking games, and even some heavier games like Food Chain Magnate and A Feast for Odin.  Some of his favorite games include:

  • Rhino Hero...duhh

  • Gaia Project

  • Tigris & Euphrates

  • The Voyages of Marco Polo

  • Millenium Blades


James Geist - Content Creator

Twitter handle: @James_CBReality

James is a bartender by night and a full time devoted Dad in every other free moment of the day. With his roots planted in Kansas City, James was bitten by the board game bug in 2016 as he and his wife looked for new things to do in their downtime other than binge the latest hotness on Netflix. His other hobbies include an appreciation for craft beer, disc golf, and obsession with the NFL and Fantasy Football, but you will always find him gaming at least twice a week, whether with his gaming group, his wife, or his kids.

James joined the Cardboard Reality team in the Fall of 2018 as a content creator focus on written content. He looks forward to helping Cardboard Reality continue their upward growth and expansion into other media forms and eventual world domination.

With only 2 years heavy into the hobby, James is constantly discovering games, both new and old, to add to his collection. His favorite mechanics are hand management, worker placement, resource management, and contract fulfillment. James appreciates the art and production of a game often times just as much as the mechanics and gameplay. He’s never met a game he won’t try! Some of his favorite games include:

  • Gloomhaven

  • The Gallerist

  • 7 Wonders Duel

  • Gaia Project

  • Rising Sun


B.L. Anderson - Content Creator

B.L. is a former journalist and current web content editor who's been into board games since he first played Settlers of Catan on the floor of an apartment in 2007. He spent the next several years watching the hobby evolve through the likes of Pandemic, 7 Wonders, and Dominion, thanks in large part to his wife, who spent years doing the heavy researching and purchasing of new games. He lives with his wife and kids in Washington.

B.L. joined the Cardboard Reality team in September 2018, providing written content for the website. He's most interested in the people and the stories behind the board games.

Discovering new games is both a pastime and an obsession for B.L. He enjoys a wide variety of games, but especially those with dice-drafting and worker placement mechanics, along with games that tell a story. Some current favorites include:

  • Troyes

  • Castles of Burgundy

  • Viticulture

  • Root

  • Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective