How do we determine which games we recommend?

Cardboard Reality has a system for recommending games.  At least two of the four of us have to be able to review a game before we will submit the review (either in podcast or written format).  Once the review is submitted, we take the median of our review scores (we rate on a 1-7 scale - see below).  For instance, Cosmic Encounter received a 7 from Scott, a 5 from Nick, and a 4 from Joel, thus the median (or middle) score would be 5.  Any median score of 5-6 will receive Cardboard Reality's Seal of Recommendation.  Any median score beyond a 6 will receive our highest seal, Cardboard Reality's Seal of Brilliance.  We hope this system will help us accurately recommend games that you will enjoy playing.  Along with our seals of recommendation, we've linked our review to each game below (just click the appropriate game's picture).  Our individual review scores will be mentioned in each review.  Please take a moment to read each host's board game bio on the About Us page.  We each have unique board gaming tastes, which should be taken into account when trying to select a game that is right for you.  Hopefully your board gaming tastes will closely align with one or two of us, thus making your next board game purchase that much easier.


What is our rating system?

We rate board games on a scale from 1 to 7 as follows:

  • 7 - This game is amazing and it will never leave my collection. I will play it whenever given the opportunity.

  • 6 - This game is great. I will keep this in my collection and would highly recommend it.

  • 5 - This game is good. I will keep it in my collection until something better comes along to replace it. Try before buy.

  • 4 - This game is mediocre. I will play it on occasion if my group wants to get it to table. Try before buy.

  • 3 - This game is below average. If there is free beer involved...I might be bribed into playing it. Do not buy.

  • 2 - This game is bad. Don't bother playing it. Definitely don't buy it.

  • 1- This game is horrendous. You might as well play Monopoly. Request a restraining order on it. Stat.